Test Dates

Find out about important tests in your grade and when you should start studying. Parents and students can sort the table below to find information only relevant to your grade and when the next tests are. Progression is based on most common New York curriculum.

ISEE - for entrance into independent schools at almost any age
SHSAT - offered once  (Late October) in 8th grade (admission to Stuyvesant, Technical High Schools, La Guardia, etc)
HSPT - offered once (early November) in 8th grade (used as the Regis admission test)  
TACHS - offered once (early November) in 8 grade to admission to catholic high schools and consideration for scholarships
SSAT - offered approximately once a month, taken in 8th grade for entrance into independent high schools

Regents Schedule- All Regents are in June and make ups are given for some tests in August and some January. Students will have various Regents to take at the end of every year.

AP Schedule - All Advanced Placements are early May. None are required except if a student is in an AP course.

PSAT Schedule- Once in the beginning of Junior year. Results affect only National Merit Scholar

SAT Schedule-   -SAT and Subject Tests are offered through the year but estimates are based on when most students take the exams.
                        -students typically take SAT twice, once in Junior year and once in early Senior year
                        -students are encouraged to take SAT Subject Tests at the end of every course
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Student YearExamApprox Test DateStart Studying before
Student YearExamApprox Test DateStart Studying before
Grade 05 NY State ELA Exam late April, early May January 
Grade 07 NY State Math Exam late April, Early May March 
Grade 08 High School Placement Test (HSPT) (Regis Test) November 2 Summer 
Grade 08 Test for Admission to Catholic High Schools (TACHS) November 7 Summer 
Grade 08 Specialized High School Admission Test (SHSAT) (Stuyvesant, SI Tech, Brooklyn Tech, Bronx Science, La Guardia, etc) Oct 25 1 year in advance 
Grade 09 or earlier (Grade 8 common)  Integrated Algebra Regents, Algebra 1 Common Core mid June January 
Grade 10 Sophomore  Chemistry SAT Subject Test mid June February 
Grade 10 Sophomore  Chemistry Regents mid June January 
Grade 10 Sophomore or earlier  Geometry Regents mid June January 
Grade 11 Junior  Physics SAT Subject Test early June March 
Grade 11 Junior  Physics Regents mid June March 
Grade 11 Junior  SAT (March or May) and October Christmas 
Grade 11 Junior PSAT mid October September 
Grade 11 Junior or earlier Algebra2 / Trigonometry mid June 8+ months 
Grade 12 Senior  AP Calculus AB or BC early May February 
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