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Welcome to Brooklyn Tutor Collective

We are driven by seeing students’ minds develop as they take on new challenges. Private tutoring is not just for students struggling in school anymore. It is a viable method to get an edge on an increasingly competitive field. We bring confidence to those students who think they are incapable. For the extremely bright students who have excelled at everything, we show them that making mistakes makes them smarter. For every personality in between, we figure out a way to help the student get the most out of their education. Brooklyn Tutor Co has specialized tutors in many disciplines ranging from 7th grade TACHS exam prep to high school Algebra II/Trigonometry to College level Calculus in Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, and Manhattan. While each tutor’s style varies, the Brooklyn Tutor Co’s philosophy seeks to strengthen the student’s fundamental understanding of the material so that he or she may build on it in future classes and throughout life. Our tutors don’t just tell students the ideas they need to know, they illustrate them actively in person until the student understands them and can further apply the concepts. We help them get the most out of their education. We do not judge and constantly look for ways that the student is correct because sometimes that expands our own knowledge.

We are much more personable and tight-knit than the “mega-tutoring companies” but are a big enough network to offer classes and reach three boroughs. Most companies teach a one sized fits all method to do decently on most standardized tests and courses, We think this limits academic growth and stunts the student’s potential. Instead, we customize our methods to the individual student and promote complete mastery of the discipline. Many of our tutors know each other and most new business comes from word of mouth. Because of this, we can offer the most affordable possible rates for a private tutor that will meet you one on one in your place of preference. We keep things as simple as possible; give us a time and location and we will find a tutor from our network. You do not have to deal with comparing multiple profiles and exchanging multiple scheduling message. You pay the tutor directly before each lesson. If you or the tutor feel that they are not the best match for your student, they will alert us and we will immediately send a replacement, at no cost to you. Each tutor will use his or her judgment to optimize time spent to impart the most marginal benefit possible.

What is expected of the student and parent:

  • Make sure an adult is present for every lesson.
  • 24 hour cancellation notice. A cancellation within this time frame ruins fragile tutoring schedules and costs tutors lots of time.
  • Student must be prepared with paper, writing utensil, and a list of topics to go over with specific questions. Tutors will focus on the areas of greatest trouble for maximum benefit. Time starts when the tutor arrives.
  • Your undivided attention including no cell phones.
  • Parents must ensure that the child completes all assignments from both school and the Brooklyn Tutor Co. Student must still pay attention in school. If there are any questions, you can call us at (646) 820-2807. If your tutor is unavailable, someone will be able to answer your question.
  • Parent will keep us updated with child's progress and will alert us immediately if there are any problems or issues

Additionally, each tutor has explicitly agreed to

  • Be Punctual: Arrive within 15 minutes of the agreed upon time and be flexible based on the student's schedule
  • Be Considerate: Give at least 24 hours notice of any cancellation/postponement. The same is expected of you as well.
  • Recognize the goal: Acknowledge that the goal is to help the student learn the material in whatever way necessary
  • Customize each lesson to the way that the individual best learns; connect the new material to older material or analogies that they easily understand.
  • Be Private and Discreet: Keep all contact info, grades, and any other personal information obtained through the client confidential.
  • Never do any homework/test/quizzes/projects for the student. Conduct no academic dishonesty of any kind.
  • Your undivided attention including no cell phones.
  • Give written feedback via email to the Company at least every 2 weeks identifying student's strengths and weaknesses with a plan to improve
We guarantee that you will pass the Regents with 40 hours of tutoring from us or you are eligible for a 50% discount over the summer. Some studies have suggested that approximately 40 hours of tutoring are needed to show a meaningful improvement. Many students show improvement well before that but consistency from the parent, tutor, and student show the best results. If any of them do not do their part, tutoring will be fruitless.
We have helped students from almost every public and private institution in the borough and beyond and are likely familiar with your particular curriculum or teacher. You will be matched with a tutor that best suits your needs and only one that specializes in your particular tutoring subject.

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