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Mission Statement

We leverage our network of highly specialized tutors in NYC to affordably customize education to each student’s individual learning needs in an effort to reach his or her academic potential.
We are educators who customize lessons for you throughout New York City in order to help each individual student reach their full potential. We aim to provide high quality tutoring designed around your student’s needs for an affordable price to fit any budget in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, and Queens. We stand for the open-minded pursuit of knowledge to advance humanity by educating minds as well as providing additional educational outlets for teachers and students. As a collective, we share our resources, tips, and students so that we can specialize in a particular discipline to provide better enrichment and keep costs lower than we could individually. Our affable and friendly tutors can choose when and where they tutor, keeping their morale and patience high so that they can provide the greatest assistance possible. We aim to give back to the community, sometimes exemplified as free tutoring services. Along with the parents, we aim to push students past their comfort zone and into situations that challenge them the most. Our enthusiasm and expertise show students how fun the material can be and incite a lifelong love of learning.