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Not all tutoring is done with books. When my four-year-old student abruptly sprinted for the 4th story window, I sprinted after him. I lunged and grabbed him by his shirt–the child now with half his body outside–and pulled him to safety. We thudded onto the ground of his apartment. I 
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We’ve posted a  list of scholarships for K-8, high school, and college for Brooklyn residents and schools.. Some are for full tuition and as much as $20,000 per year! We have also included some scholarships based on ethnicity. If you live somewhere else in NYC such as Staten Island, Queens, or Manhattan, there 
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We are a collective of specialized private tutors, educational consultants, and academic coaches who offer small group and one on one tutoring in Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, and Manhattan. Our affordable tutors help K-8, high school, and college students reach their potential in math, science, the humanities, and more. Our tutoring service includes teachers, 
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