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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: So you are a collective. What do you collect?
A: Tests and resources from schools all over the city, multitudes of knowledge, and great recommendations

Q: How long do tutoring lesson last?
A:Approximately an hour to two once or twice a week but you and your tutor can decide the best course of action.

Q: Can I have a free tutoring lesson to determine if I like the tutor?
A: Each tutor has different policies but many will allow it as they are so good that they know you will continue.
Q: As a tutor, who determines when and where I tutor?

A: You tutor wherever and whenever you like as long as it is convenient for the student.

Q: Why don’t you just tutor independently?
A: Then we might miss out when tutors request us that don’t live near us and don’t require our specialty, or worse yet, you might have to tutor Physics as an ELA specialist. Marketing as an independent tutor is a lot of hard and often wasted work.
Q: Where is the center of the universe?

A: There isn’t one. Everything’s location is relative to another location.

Q: What is the integral of 1/cabin with respect to cabin?

A: ln(cabin) = natural log cabin