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Educational Links

Below are some other sites where you can improve your skills, see a cool video, or otherwise expand your mind. Each column can be sorted by subject or if it is a video or funny by clicking the top.

Additionally, check out our Formula Sheets for various tests and courses including TACHS, SHSAT (Stuyvesant, Technical High Schools), HSPT (Regis test), Regents, AP, and SATs.

Scholarships for K-12 in Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx. Some ethnic scholarships have also been included.

Title Domain Summary Type
Free MIT Course Books 45 Free Textbook for MIT Courses Text Textbook
Chegg Step by step solutions to textbook problems Text Textbook
Boundless – online textbooks+ Online Textbooks Text Textbook
NYS Regents Home Find practice tests, solutions, and reference tables for high school courses from Algebra I to Physics Tools Test Prep
Practice ELA TACHS questions created by St . Joseph by-the-Sea of Staten Island Tools Test Prep
TACHS Handbook Test for Admission to Catholic High Schools Handbook Tools Test Prep
Chewing gum helps you concentrate Text Test Prep
AP Chemistry Test Prep for the AP Chemistry exam Tools Test Prep
The Last Answer by Isaac Asimov Text Short Story
The Last Question by Isaac Asimov Text Short Story
The Library of Babel by Jorge Luis Borges Text Short Story
Coursera Free Online Courses Tools Self Teach
Duolingo Free language learning Tools Self Teach
Khan Academy We will recommend problems for you. Enter Coach ID: D5H4DM Tools Self Teach
ThinkQuest Websites for students by students Tools Self Teach
Edx Take online courses from the world’s best universities Tools Self Teach
Mathigon A visually appealing place to explore the world of math Tools Self Teach
Equations that changed the world I bet you don’t know them all Pic Science/Math
Wolframalpha Ask it anything…seriously Tools Science/Math
Harvard Intro to Computer Science A learning to code site from openculture Tools Programming
Udacity Videos to improve skills, mostly in computer programming Tools Programming
Entropy Concepts How does entropy relate to Chemistry and Physics? Text Physics
Mind bending advanced physics concepts Video Physics
Exploring other Dimensions What would a being that lived in 1 or 2 dimensions perceive? Video Physics
Ray Diagrams for Mirrors Text Physics
Vacuum Funny Physics
Kidnapped physics problem Funny Physics
Light Dispersion Insights into prisms Video Physics
Angular Momentum Visual Demonstrating the conservation of angular momentum on a freely spinning wheel Video Physics
Double Slit Experiment (Cartoon Animation) We thought we knew almost everything before this experiment and it just kept getting more bizarre from here Video Physics
Ray Diagrams for Lenses Text Physics
Learnerds One a day questions focused on Physics and passing the FE Tools Physics
Pouring water upside down Funny Physics
XX and XY Axes Make sure you… Funny Math
Quotery Looking for a quote, find it here Tools Humanities
World Digital Library Makes significant primary maierials available from cultures around the world for free Tools Humanities
Chronozoom Explore time Tools Humanities
Middle-aged Funny Humanities
Geoguessr Game to guess where in the world the picture is Tools Humanities
Birds on Wires Song made from birds perched on wires Video General
Toothpick Castle Video General
Universitas Center for academic research Tools General
Ted Talks Specialists talking about a variety of interesting subjects Video General
Physical Reaction between hot nickel and water Video Chemistry
Triple Point Demonstration One-third liquid, one-third solid, one-third gas all at the same time Video Chemistry
Chemical Reaction between Iodine and Zinc Video Chemistry
Atom’s First by Mark Bishop Online Chemistry textbook with animations Text Chemistry
Popcorn kernel overheating in slowmotion Video Chemistry
Liquid Nitrogen explosion Slow motion liquid nitrogen covered in ping pong balls Video Chemistry
Nanoputian Chemicals inspired by the civilization in Gulliver’s Travels Funny Chemistry
Metal Grinding Against Metal Video Chemistry
Pepto Bi smuth An artistic rendering of the chemical process of isolating bismuth metal from Pepto Bismol. Video Chemistry
Tree of Life Amazing Pic Biology
Time Tree Find out when two organism shared a common ancestor Tools Biology
White Blood Cell Chases Bacterium Video Biology
30 Mental Math Tricks Learn some mental math tricks Video Basic Math
Infinite Hotel Paradox An interesting thought experiment about infinity Video Basic Math
Math is fun Practice and explanations for Prealgebra Tools Basic Math
Sin graph from a circle Circle, square, hexagon Video >= Trigonometry
Dancing Math Functions Funny >= Trigonometry
Paranormal Distribution Normal distribution or… Funny >= Trigonometry
Wave function from a heart Video >= Trigonometry
Paul’s Online Math Formula Sheets Great math resources Tools >= Trigonometry
Integral Tables Most of the Integrals you will ever need. If it’s not here, see wolframalpha Tools >= Trigonometry
Wave function from 3 connecting circles A regualr sin graph with some added complexity Video >= Trigonometry
Practice Math TACHS questions created by St . Joseph by-the-Sea of Staten Island Tools <= Algebra
SHSAT Practice ELA and Math Questions Tools <= Algebra
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