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Subjects,Tests, and Rates

We offer tutoring in the following areas of expertise. Prices are approximate and are dependent upon location and availability of in-person tutors. If this does not match your budget, let us know and perhaps we can work something out. Prices are approximate in Brooklyn. Online interactive lessons may be less expensive. Tutoring in Manhattan, Staten Island, or Queens may be slightly more. The time of full-time tutors and teachers will generally be more valuable than that of college students and high school students. If you have a preference, please let us know. Otherwise, the most qualified specialist in your subject will help you.

One on One, Private Tutoring Services

K-8th Grade Common Core, Basic Math, Basic ELA – $30/hr+
Algebra 1, Geometry, SHSAT – $30/hr+
Regents Algebra II/Trigonometry, Precalculus, Living Environment –  $50/hr+
High School and College Level – English, Writing, History, Biology – $60/hr+
SAT Math or Verbal/Writing- $60/hr+
Calculus I, II, Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations – $60/hr+
Chemistry, Physics, Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biophysical Chemistry – $60/hr+
Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering courses, such as Thermodynamics, Mass and Heat Transfer, Material and Energy Balance, Reaction Engineering, Process Control, Fluid Dynamics and more
25% Discount per student for lesson with 2 students in them
33% Discount per student for 3 or more
If you do not see your course above, inquire within. Email BrooklynTutorCo

What You Get

You get a specialist with lots of experience tutoring whichever subject you choose from some of the best schools in the city if not country

A tutor that will travel to meet you and customize each lesson to the way you think.

Tutors that will walk you through solution at your own pace without judgement, They will do everything they can to help you improve.

Followup correspondence with the parent if applicable. The best results come when the teacher, student, and parent are all doing their part.

You can call us with any questions you have if your tutor is unavailable. If your normal tutor cannot make an appointment, we can send another.

You can get homework upon request.

We guarantee that you will pass the Regents or tutoring is 50% off for you over the summer.

Classes will typically begin by reviewing questions from the previous week’s homework. Then they will focus on a specific common topic in the regents and go over related  types of common problems.

Classes Offerred

Each “Class” has a maximum of 8 students so it acts more like a group session.

SHSAT and TACHS Classes – $25/ 1.5hr session
Staten Island and Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
Chemistry Regents Classes – $30/ 1.5hr session
Saturdays April-June; Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
Physics Regents Classes – $30/ 1.5hr session

Saturdays April-June; Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Geometry Regents Classes – $20/ 1 hour session
Saturdays April-June; Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

AlgebraII/Trigonometry Regents Classes – $20/ 1 hour session
Saturdays April-June; Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Discounts available for taking multiple classes
2 Regents Course with all classes paid in advance – 33% Discount
1 Regents Course with all classes paid in advance – 15% discount
Series 6 / Series 63 – $165/ 3 Day Course Prep
Rolling Registration, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Current Tutors

Our current tutors come from a wide range of backgrounds but are all enthusiastic and excellent at explaining topics in their area of specialty. Some of the schools that our tutors have graduated from or currently work at include but are not limited to

Promotions and Discounts

If you would like to host a tutoring lesson at your home with at least 5 students, the lesson is free for you.

25% Discount per student for 2 students; 33% Discount per student for 3 or more

If you refer a student to the Brooklyn Tutor Co, and they have at least 3 lessons, you will earn 50% off your next lesson. Tutors may also receive bonuses for referring students.

Free Tutor

We no longer offer free tutoring in the library, but some tutors will give a 15-30 minute trial lessons to see if you like them.

College students are capable of receiving tutoring for a discount or even free. Email us with subject heading College or call us at 646 820-2807.

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