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Prepare for school during summer

After a solid rest from school, it can give you an advantage to brush up on the past school material and look ahead at the material you will want to master. This is the most true for Algebra, Chemistry, Physics, and Algebra II / Trigonometry as these courses (and the standardized tests such at the SATII, AP, and Regents) are very difficult. Entering Juniors in high school should also take warning. We can help you prepare for the upcoming school year and reinforce the ideas that you previously learned in any subject. The more time you dedicate over the summer, the easier the school year will be.

With the TACHS, SHSAT, and other high school entrance exams administered in October/November, the summer is a great time to prepare for these tests. Some small groups typically start for form around the beginning of July. With extracurriculars and school after September, the summer is a great time to focus on this and eliminate the haze the students get when they go back to school but haven’t seen school work in months.


Entering seniors in high school should prepare for the SAT as most will take it for the second time in October. One on one tutoring once a week with homework is a great way to pick up some extra points, which may even get you some extra scholarship money.